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CNC Cold Saw Blade Sharpening (HSS)

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  • CNC 4-Axis, Fully Automatic Sharpening and Retoothing
  • Entire Blade Ground in 1-Setup, Including Chamfers
  • Best Surface Finish Due to Use of CBN SuperAbrasives and High Pressure Oil Coolant (130psi)
  • Absolute Accuracy Reduces Tooth Stripping & Breakage
  • Grinding Coolant is Chilled and Filtered
  • Diameters up to 710mm (28”)
  • Machine Built in ISO 9001:2006 Certified Factory

Our Sharpening Process:

Our friendly, professional staff is the first and most important step of our process. Your tools are unpacked and checked for notes or special instructions, then are immediately engraved with your name for identification (not on wholesale accounts).

Next, all cold saw blades travel through our hammering department where our ISKA trained sawsmiths check for runout (side wobble) and dish (cupping). Any blade that requires the difficult art of hammering (correction of runout & dish) receives it at no additional charge.

Your blade then enters our high-tech sharpening department. All critical dimensions are measured, a program is written, and the blade is mounted & ground on our brand new Kentai 4-Axis CNC (computer numerically controlled) cold saw grinder. Every cold saw blade, or cold cut blade, is ground with the proper geometry for the type of material you are cutting. A blade ground on our CNC grinder will outperform blades ground on the myriad of mechanical gear-driven machines still used by the vast majority of saw shops today.

Lastly, your blades are cleaned, re-inspected, marked for their proper use, specially packaged to protect the sharp edges, and are shipped back out in 1 day or less. And remember, all service work is covered by CCS’s Sharpening Guarantee.

Service Prices

  • Sharpening price above covers up to 1mm removed from the radius of the blade.
  • Retoothing charges apply when a blade needs to have greater than 1mm up to 4mm removed
    from the radius. Retoothing charge equals sharpening price times 1.5
  • Remanufacturing charges apply when a blade needs to have greater than 4mm removed from
    the radius (a ring is cut off the blade, then new teeth are ground back in). Remanufacturing charge
    equals sharpening price times 2.
  • Price is based on Actual diameter  (Example: A 350mm blade that has been sharpened down to
    325mm will be charged as a 325mm)
  • Price is based on next size up  (Example: A 340mm blade will be charged as a 350mm)

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