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Fuchs Ecocool SYN 6028-20L, 5.29 Gallon Pail


Fuchs Ecocool SYN 6028 is a low foam, triazine free, moderate to heavy-duty synthetic coolant for use in a wide range of ferrous metalworking applications. It is formulated to maintain stability in very hard water (1000 ppm CaCO3). Features excellet rust protection to protect parts and machinery from corrosion. Premium lubricity makes it ideal for cutting, grinding, drilling, milling, & sawing operations to give excellent surface finishes and extend tool life. 

ECOCOOL SYN 6028 is recommended for medium to moderately heavy-duty machining operations on ferrous and non-ferrous materials. Use dilutions range from 20:1 to 10:1 depending on the severity of the operation. The product should be stored in its original sealed container at temperatures between 7°C (45°F) and 32°C (90°F)


  • Excellent pH stability
  • Extended service life/lower treatment costs
  • Excellent surface finishes and extended tool life
  • Safeguards parts and equipment
  • Superior rust protection
  • Rejects tramp oil
  • Low foam tendencies
  • Soft residue for better machine cleanliness
  • Stable in hard water
  • Triazine free

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  • Model: 6028
  • Shipping Weight: 50lbs
  • Manufactured by: Fuchs

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