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Fuchs Ecocool Semi-Synthetic Lubricant 7830-20L 5.29 Gal


ECOCOOL 7830 is a low foaming moderate to heavy duty coolant for use in a wide range of fer- rous and non-ferrous metalworking applications. It is formulated to control foam in very soft water and retain emulsion stability in very hard water (1000 ppm).

A sophisticated lubricity package provides excellent lubrication for cutting, grinding, drilling, milling & sawing operations to give excellent surface finishes and extended tool life. As a low foaming fluid, ECOCOOL 7830 is ideal for high pressure (>1000 psi) fluid delivery in through-tool operations on various aluminum, steel stainless steel and aerospace alloys.

ECOCOOL 7830 affords excellent rust protection for ferrous metals and outstanding stain control for non-ferrous metals including aerospace grades of aluminum, titanium and Inconel®.


  • Excellent rust/staining protection
  • Excellent surface finishes and extended tool life
  • Protects parts and equipment
  • Excellent foam control even in high pressure fluid delivery & high speed applications
  • Stable emulsions in very soft and very hard water
  • Extended service life/lower treatment costs
  • Approved by Lockheed Martin & Pratt & Whitney

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  • Model: 7830
  • Shipping Weight: 50lbs
  • Manufactured by: Fuchs

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