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Relton Rel-Saw Coolant - 1 Gallon Bottle


Relton RelSaw is a Semi-Synthetic water soluble coolant that provides excellent coolant stability, but less lubricity than a Soluble Oil. Good for Cold Sawing & Band Sawing. Intended for flood coolant systems only. Recommend mix rate 10:1 for mild steel, 5:1 for S.S. and other difficult to cut applications. Mixes to a transparent brown/orange color.
(Note: 10:1 refers to 10 parts water to 1 part coolant)

Advantages of a Semi-Synthetic:

•  Lower Cost than a Soluble Oil
•  Good Lubricity in Mild Steel and Non-Ferrous
•  Excellent Stability - Long Sump Life, Little Bacterial Problems


•  Less Blade Life than a Soluble Oil
•  Fair Lubricity in Stainless Steels and Other Difficult to Machine Metals

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